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Custom Exterior Painting

  1. Preparation will be conducted by sealing off the entire surface area with a premium acrylic calking. Remove and repair all wood rot and imperfections.
  2. Cleaning all surface area for preparation to be painted. Methods of cleaning will range from power washing to sanding.
  3. Priming will be conducted on all new or repaired area that have no original coat. A high quality bonding primer will be applied for a strong adhesion to your home.
  4. Painting will be done only with a premium acrylic paint. All finalization of colors will be required to process through the painting process. After finalization on colors we will continue to apply the first coat. Once adequate time has elapsed for drying, a second coat will be applied.
  5. Approval on all services will be required from the customer before any job will be completed. After a detailed walk through inspection with the customer, all imperfections will be identified and resolved for a 100% customer satisfaction.


Specialty Exterior Services

Power Washing
With 3200 psi, we will remove up to 15 years of dirt and grim that has built up over the years from changing weather and human traffic.

Garage Floor Painting
Giving your garage floor a new fresh look is a perfect way to enhance your home with a fresh new look.

Deck Staining/Painting
As the seasons come and go are decks tend to get hit the hardest. Bring your faded old deck back to life with a fresh new cleaning and cover to help enhance your outside relaxation.

Fence Staining/Painting
Whether staining or painting your fence, we will be sure to make your home stand out within your community by having a fresh new look given to your fence.

Lawn Furniture Staining/Painting
Ranging from pick nick table to gazeebos, we would be honored to assist you in giving all your outside painting needs our attention and create an environment that will last for many years.

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The Kansas Paint Company

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